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  • Moody 04:14 on December 26, 2017 Permalink
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    Better late than never. So the computer crashes were the main reason for the delay… glad you’re backing up more diligently now.

    That, and some health issues. But yeah, turns out it doesn’t do you any good to back up all your data to an external drive, just in case that also fails and corrupts a bunch of your files (facepalm!)

    I don’t recall seeing the two detectives’ names though. Is this intentional?

    Eons ago, when I thought I could release this episode all at once, I didn’t come up with a way to organically fit the detectives’ names into this scene! 😀 But they’re nothing significant. I really need to do some research about how cops are expected to address each other by rank. I’m under the impression that they- officially- aren’t on a first name basis, but I certainly could be wrong.

    I don’t know if it’s stubbornness or not, but I still just really prefer the look of Sims 2.  (Then again, I’m still carrying a torch for XP.  Maybe I’m just getting old! 😀  )


  • AldoHyde 01:52 on June 25, 2016 Permalink
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    Better late than never So the computer crashes… 

    Better late than never. So the computer crashes were the main reason for the delay… glad you’re backing up more diligently now.

    The video’s pacing is natural. The simlish also flows well. The dialogue also does a good job of bringing viewers into the central conflict of the action.

    I don’t recall seeing the two detectives’ names though. Is this intentional? You also need not list every piece of CC in your credits 😉

    Hopefully your backups will enable you to produce subsequent episodes with less trouble. This story is worth continuing. 🙂

    I’m not going to “upgrade” my sims 2 computer to windows 10. They can pester all they like, but my game is working well, so i need not endanger it.

  • Moody 02:08 on June 23, 2016 Permalink
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    Well… at least it’s something! 😀 (Parts 2 and 3 will be longer)

  • Moody 02:46 on September 27, 2015 Permalink
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    Interesting! I definitely hope I can keep the audience guessing.

    (Whatever you’re doing, it’s working. I seriously have NO idea where Kent will end up!) 🙂

  • AldoHyde 03:12 on September 20, 2015 Permalink
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    If you’re concerned about “revealing too much too soon”, it’s best to be vague about showing potentially spoiler info. Eg. you can show (Dustin leaving the scene) instead of what you showed, as that leaves more room for audience speculation.

    However, this doesn’t mean you were “wrong” to show what you did, as you may indeed have a good reason to show that, which I currently don’t know about. Rather, treat this simply as a guideline for future episodes 🙂

    Example from STM: There are at least 3 possible major reasons for Kent’s silence, all of which are extremely feasible, enough for me to make a Poll. If you can achieve that level of vagueness, you are more likely to retain your audience’s curiosity.

  • Moody 19:16 on September 18, 2015 Permalink
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    Awesome! Thanks! 😀

    Hopefully I can maintain that balance. One of my greatest concerns is that I will accidentally reveal too much, too soon.

    I’m not terribly confident that I will make the cutoff, but I have such a clear mental image of the finale… I’d better step it up!

  • AldoHyde 15:43 on September 16, 2015 Permalink
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    WKSB Chapter 1 Preview:
    Well done 🙂 It’s coherent, containing enough info to get viewers interested, without spoiling too much. You’re doing a great job for a first-timer, and I hope you get as much done as possible while the game still runs on our computers.

  • Moody 18:23 on September 13, 2015 Permalink
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    WKSB Chapter One Trailer 

    I can’t give an ETA on the first episode, I’m afraid, but I hope you enjoy this trailer in the meantime!

    (btw, this looks really distorted to me, but I’m fairly certain it’s my computer. I really hope so!)

  • Moody 02:29 on June 2, 2015 Permalink
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    Thank you for the compliments and well-wishes! I hope there’s some new activity soon. It would be a shame not to see how these series pan out.

    (Ugh, sorry this went through so many times!)

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