I know I can download / recreate Sims 2 premades in Sims 4, but my major concern is the seeming lack of Sims 4 animation hacks / poseboxes, as these give STM its hallmark precision.

I don’t spend a great deal of time recreating premade Sims.
The only ones I bothered to make in Sims 4 are 2 Montys + 1 Capp.
However, I downloaded many Strangetown premades.

I’m not sure if I can meet the 2020 cutoff. If the deadline is too near, I may consider switching to screenshot story for the very late episodes. Or earlier, if I’m too busy in the near future. As I said before, all the scripts for the entire Season 2 have already been written.

At this time, 2.06(B) is a major headache, but it’s too far on to switch strategies. I don’t even know how many % it really is.