Since some of us prefer to be on the safe side of the possible cut-off period for the Sims 2, I decided to experiment with a potentially easier alternative to machinima:

This 90-Minute Sims Football Match is the Result of my 1st Experiment.
The script is co-written with another Simmer, but I took & edited all the screenshots.

Capps & Montys go to “war” on the Football pitch…
in an Alternate Universe where the “Veronaville Disaster” did not happen.

There are 6 chapters in this story, which is fully completed.

We know that a 90-minute match is NOT possible in actual Sims gameplay, so this is clearly done via machinima-style manipulation.

If machinima takes too much time/effort, and stories face the risk of the game expiring before being fully told, this may be a feasible alternative.