Ouch. External hard drives are a bit of a lottery. I’ve had my share of “bad” and “good” ones over the years. That’s why I backup my Sims game files not only to the external hard drive, but also to the cloud.

I would recommend using Google Drive (15GB) for this, because Dropbox and OneDrive are too tiny. If you also happen to use Gmail, it may help to create a SEPARATE gmail account for the purposes of using it mainly as a Google Drive, so that your permanent file storage doesn’t interfere with your main email.

I don’t blame you for preferring the look of Sims 2. I never did like the look of Sims 3, while Sims 4 hasn’t developed sufficiently for me to consider preferring it to Sims 2… but it stands a significantly better chance than Sims 3 ever will.