Forum / Stream Rules

Short Version:

Stay on-topic. Keep it friendly. Treat others nicely, like how you wish to be treated yourself. Don’t be a nuisance.

Long Version:

  • SimsDynamic is a friendly PG13 Sims community.

We have ZERO tolerance for mean-spiritedness / personal insults / harassment / flame wars.

  • The sole purpose of this forum is to build a Sims community, where members are brought together by their mutual interest in the Sims games and Sims machinima/storytelling. Any other purpose is NOT acceptable.
  • Post in standard English (British/American spelling are both OK). We understand if your native language isn’t English, but we appreciate your effort to post in the clearest English that you can manage.
  • Do not post in ALL CAPS, l33tsp34k, lik u tink ur on ur cel fones txt msging, lIkE yOu tHinK tHiS lOokS cOoL, wildly abusing smileys, or with excessive punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Use relevant and consistent tags for each of your posts. This will make it easier for others to find all relevant posts for each topic. For example, if you are posting consecutive episodes of your own machinima series, post them all under the same tag.
  • Do not Double-Post (two successive posts on the same subject): Use the “edit” button to make changes in your original post.
  • BUT if you have constructive comments about someone else’s machinima, feel free to reply to the thread, regardless of the last post’s date.
  • Learn how to tell the difference between constructive criticism and nasty ill-intentioned comments. At SimsDynamic, we help each other to write better stories / make better machinima, so we WILL point out areas of possible improvement. We don’t expect you to be all smiles, but we DO expect you to air your views in good faith / with good intentions.
  • NO asking about, or offering illegal stuff, eg. serial numbers or pirated downloads.

This sort of discussion is NOT appropriate for this forum.


  • Sims Fans, DO NOT come in for the SOLE PURPOSE of bugging Machinima Directors for new episodes of your preferred series. We treat this as harassment / spamming.

You are only allowed to ask casually for your preferred series to continue IF you are ALREADY a participating member who has a history of contributing constructively to other topics in this forum.

  • Spammers: This Forum is NOT a flea market, so do not sign up for the sole purpose of hawking your (mostly counterfeit) wares. We laugh at the futility of your misplaced commercial interests, before feeding you to the Carnivorous Plant.


Let the Admin/Moderators handle issues. Their decisions are final.

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